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As many of you have heard, a tornado went through Manhattan on Wednesday night (June 11). Yes, it went through Miller Ranch and yes, it went down EJ Frick, and yes, my house is right where those two areas meet.

I was truly lucky. The tornado went through my back yard. It rearranged my deck a bit (flowerpots, furniture and hot tub were affected) and the top floor of the gazebo got messed up. We have a few holes in the roof, but nothing that can’t be fixed. Something put a dent above my bedroom window and knocked the pendulum out of my clock, but my bedroom is still there. We lost 6 or 8 huge oak trees, as well as two of my favorite trees. (We also lost the ugly one over my garden…. as well as the garden. Only the spinach survived. Stupid spinach.) Our bradford pear got killed. It now has one branch, and was transformed into a Lost and Found that was seen on a few news channels. I will truly miss that tree. =(

HOWEVER… the only damage inside the house is that our piano is out of tune, and that is just because of the major humidity change inside. (The condenser for our AC got banged up in the storm.) We got power back late Friday afternoon, and we are getting our AC fixed right now. Our house was declared “Habitable.”

To those of you whose houses were demolished in the storm, I am really sorry. Call me if you need help cleaning up or if you need a place to stay.

To those of you who helped us clean up around our house, thank you so much. You don’t know how nice that was. Plus, you allowed me to get some breathing time and you kept my dad from overworking himself. =)

To those of you who were wondering about the tornado…… there you have it. I’ll put some pictures up later.

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