Mama has a scale of which we made use both in January and now in February again when we wanted to see how heavy our luggage was:  each suitcase had to be less than 20 kg.  We also occasionally weighed ourselves, just to see numbers in kg instead of American pounds. 

This morning, I weighed myself on Mark’s scale (which keeps track of one’s weight) and was shocked to see 113.  I have never weighed that little, ever, since I have come to the States, 20 years ago.  Normally, I weigh about 118 lbs, 119 on a good day. 

It is probably telling that the 51 or 52 kg I saw on Mama’s scale didn’t register as “having lost weight”. 

Seeing that 113 scared me.  I immediately sent an email to Mark and asked for his help (without having a clue what that help might be).  Loving and caring saint that he is, he googled “how to gain weight the healthy way” and sent me three links with very good suggestions.  Most of the ideas were not really new to me, but it felt very good to read in all three articles that having trouble to gain weight is as real and as difficult as trying to lose weight even if overweight people usually dismiss one’s problem.

Even before receiving Mark’s answer, I was trying to figure out what to do.  I had plans for today:  change the sheets, unpack all suitcases (our two and then the two we brought from Germany with a very beginning of Mama’s things), do laundry (I love doing laundry), CLEAN THE FLOORS and the pianos and the stove and the kitchen counter (litter, cat hair ALL OVER).  Play the piano, get ready to teach.  Go for a walk.

Instead, I decided to lie on the sofa and eat and not get up until I have gained at least three pounds.

In response to Mark’s email, I sent him a wish list of foods I would like.  Loving and caring saint that he is, he went to the store before coming home for lunch and bought several bags full of good food.

Sitting on the sofa – my coccyx screams.  After lunch I slept for two hours.   I try to vary how I sit – my coccyx sighs.  Looking at backpacks and suitcases and stuff on the floor, I am determined to sit this out.  Three pounds.  At least.

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