Try saying out loud, “Thoughts, ramblings, ideas.”

Now say, “Ramblings and thoughts and ideas.” 

Did you notice how much more smoothly the second one flows?  “Ramblings and thoughts and ideas.”  A nice triple meter.  Could write a waltz to that.

“Ideas and thoughts and ramblings” also flows nicely, though a bit more squarely because this one is in a duple meter, march-like. 

Which is why I chose “Thoughts, ramblings, ideas” – though I wasn’t aware of it at first.  “Thoughts, ramblings, ideas” does not flow.  It makes you pause slightly before “ramblings”.  My thoughts don’t flow nicely.  They arrive, twirl around, come to a screeching halt, stutter, linger, insist, vanish, and reappear.

I love language.

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