The country I live in

I live in a country where the fact that Brad Pitt took a picture of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding (or so they think because you can see a bit of one of her breasts and there’s a tiny hand which they think belongs to one of the twins) – where the fact that a picture of breastfeeding Angelina Jolie makes the cover of W. magazine has been a headline on the national news for about a week now.  “Brad snaps pic of Angie breastfeeding” and “Angelina Jolie breastfeeding on cover of W.”

We are in the middle of a huge financial crisis, there’s a presidential campaign going on, but Angelina Jolie’s “breastfeeding” picture is newsworthy.

That’s the country I live in.


Speaking of Angelina Jolie – I think if McCain thinks he needs a vagina as vice president he should have picked Angelina Jolie:  she’s prettier than Palin, she’s smarter, she’s more educated, she’s been to countries that Palin hasn’t even heard of, – AND, she has six kids, not just five.  There.

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