January 1, 2019

Last night as we were contemplating the end of 2018 and looking ahead to 2019, reading on social media sites what the famous and the not so famous were thinking, I told Mark that I felt hopeful. No specific reason or occasion, just – a feeling.

I like and can relate to what Hillary Clinton said: “In many ways, 2018 was a dark time for our country. As it ends, I’m grateful to everyone who brought light into it: activists who protected kids at the border, journalists who stood up for truth, organizers who mobilized voters for the 2018 elections, candidates who ran races with grit and inspiration, voters who made their voices heard, and absolutely everyone who marched, donated, called, and protested to fight for the values we share. Here’s to more light in 2019, and to a shared commitment to make it as bright as possible. Happy New Year.”

This morning, January 1, 2019, I woke with a smile, because it is the first day of 2019 – which is a bit silly, considering that it is just a number and the beginning of the year has been moved more than once in history. Still …

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