In my studio I have a desk, actually a dining table from Target, that holds my desktop computer, my calendar, papers, books, anything I need to do the book-keeping things and lesson preparation and evaluation for the studio, pictures of my husband and my children, one of my mother’s paintings, pencil sharpener, iPhone and iPad stands – the usual.

In a different room I have what we call “the money desk” – actually a dining table from Target – that holds “the money laptop” and everything financial: bills, receipts, etc., and family pictures, one of my mother’s paintings, iPhone stand, cup with pencils, etc.

On the dining table I use my personal laptop. That’s where I do most of my internet browsing, personal – and some professional – emailing, uploading and editing of the many pictures I take every day, etc.

On my nightstand is an iPad Mini, and my phone, to check email and other essentials in the morning before I get up.

I love the many different electronic ways I am able to use to stay connected, be creative and organized.

Recently, spurred on by findings on Pinterest, I realized that in addition to all these tables and desks, I would like a small desk, ideally by a window, to be able to look outside, but most importantly: electronics-free. A small desk where I can read, write, and color. Read something written on paper, hand-write and color. A small desk with perhaps a small plant or in the summer a bouquet of fresh flowers, lots of coloring pencils, a journal (or five) to write in, jot down ideas, scribble, doodle, dawdle …

The window part did not work out – all of our windows are taken, occupied by plants, benches with plants, little tables, etc. – but the small desk was bought and, today, delivered. For the moment it has found a place in the middle of the living room, in front of the fireplace, where I can look around, big window to my left.





It is perhaps ironic that I am writing this post on an electronic device, so that I can share it, electronically, on the internet …

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