The weather is frightful

It’s been snowy and cold this winter, not so much here in Kansas, but to the East. Even here in Kansas though, I hear people say, I am so tired of the cold, I am sooo ready for spring.

People, it’s the middle of the second half of February – what do you expect? It won’t be spring for another couple weeks.

Winter, when everything loses color, when it is cold, too cold to even change the water, uh, ice, in the birdbath, winter is the perfect time for dreaming. I’ve been researching roses – Thanks, David Austin, for the catalog – and other blooming things.

And when in December I realized that it was too late to plant the crocus and daffodil bulbs in the ground, along the new wall, and around the trees, I put them in pots, left outside to get nice and cold and then, when the temperatures were regularly below freezing, brought them into the cold but frost free garage. The crocus were the first to send up some leaves, then the daffodils. Which is when I brought them into the house. While the daffodils are still content with just leaves, the crocus have exploded into bloom:

morning crocus

The white stuff is DE, diatomaceous earth, sprinkled on liberally to combat the mold flies which have taken up winter residence in our plants again. As soon as it’s not freezing anymore, I’ll take the pot outside to get some fresh air.

Soon, the daffodils should be blooming, too – I hope -, and then, not too much longer after that, there will be blooming trees and bushes outside, and spring flowers, and then in May, roses.

Dreaming is good.



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